Huawei spied on us all.

In Britain the government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson is looking to include Chinese telecom giant Huawei to supply hardware and software to its new 5G network. The Trump administration is vehemently opposed, and both are engaged in a battle of wills.

The Americans may well be correct. While currently unproven, there is substantial evidence that Huawei have at best waged a systematic attempt to gain access to government secrets in the Anglosphere (USA, UK, Canada and Australia), or at worst has been able to penetrate the Top Secret telecoms networks of all four countries. From my source it is reasonable to theorise Huawei may have been able to retrieve numbers and even conversations of FBI, CIA and NSA operatives.

I have spoken to an ex-employee of an America telecoms company who claims to have discovered the hack in 2010.  Huawei designed into the networking equipment protocols, that allowed a function, which could gather and transmit hacked information. Most unified threat management software is looking for external threats and internal “threats” are overlooked. It is the equivalent of installing anti-virus software on your PC and who then passes on your information to those who wish to benefit criminally.

For those of you more technically inclined, malicious microchips were deliberately designed and placed in landline and mobile phone networks. The chips where coded to create sub-interfaces to transmit and then tear down the interface and purge logs. It is a clever way of reverse hacking a telecoms network where the attack is from the inside and where the data is, as firewalls are looking for intrusion hackers and not for “safe” users from the internal network. The software creates a “portal” where is can then transmit the data to the target IP address and then close down the portal without being discovered. This way the “hack” can never be discovered.

The company allegedly behind the spying is Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, founded in 1987 by the current CEO Ren Zhengfei.  He is a former engineer with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and current member of the Communist Party.  All medium to large Chinese companies have a party member on their board and Chinese companies are obliged to work on behalf of the state if instructed. Not the customer, not the shareholders, the state.

Huawei strenuously deny the allegations, describing them as “unsubstantiated and defamatory”.

Certainly, the Chinese government has been accused of overt spying. In 2015 up to eighteen million employees and failed applicants of the American Federal government have had their personal details accessed by China. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) initially admitted to 4.3 million breaches but FBI Director James Comey briefed Senators in private to the full scale of the hack.

It is believed the hackers had full system administration rights to all aspects of government databases and data of staff. An OPM official remarked that the Chinese had in their possession the “keys to the kingdom.”

In the UK Huawei has been involved in the national infrastructure since 2005 with British Telecom (BT). Major concerns were raised by the security services. In 2013 under the chairmanship of Sir Malcom Rifkind a damning report from the Intelligence and Security Committee came to these catastrophic conclusions. “The Security Service had already told us in early 2008 that, theoretically, the Chinese State may be able to exploit any vulnerabilities in Huawei’s equipment in order to gain some access to the BT network, which would provide them with an attractive espionage opportunity.  Furthermore, the Committee understands that the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) had previously warned that if a hostile actor were to exploit such an opportunity, an attack “would be very difficult to detect or prevent and could enable the Chinese to intercept covertly or disrupt traffic passing through Huawei supplied networks””.

The net result was Britain’s highest security agency GCHQ set up the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) Oversight Board. Based in Banbury, Oxfordshire., Any piece of hardware, firmware or software is stringently tested for security and cannot transmit unauthorised data. One can only speculate on what Huawei may have accessed from the British government and intellectual property of private companies, should they have decided to use their expertise to spy. 

To conclude on Huawei’s involvement alleged involvement in western countries, in 2013 Michael Hayden, the former head of the CIA and the NSA opined, “at a minimum, Huawei would have shared with the Chinese state intimate and extensive knowledge of the foreign telecommunications systems it is involved with. I think that goes without saying.”  Asked “Does Huawei represent an unambiguous national security threat to the US and Australia?” General Hayden replied “Yes, I believe it does.””

In February 2018 the heads of all the American intelligence community including the heads of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the director of national intelligence, issued a warning for security reasons should not use Huawei and ZTE phones and kit.

Here is Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson taking a selfie with TV presenters using his Huawei P-20.

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Now they want to ban smoking outside

My article for Breitbart London.

A ban on smoking outside may soon become a reality if the Royal Society for Public Health’s (RSPH) proposals are adopted. The areas specifically affected are outside restaurants, school gates, in parks and even in pub gardens. The RSPH cites the smoking ban from 2007 as an equivalent purpose to further “denormalise” smoking and make the habit even more inconvenient.

The RSPH report also found that 90 per cent of people believe nicotine to be harmful. Nicotine is a naturally occurring chemical which is found in most fruit and vegetables, especially aubergines. Most scientists agree that nicotine in small doses is as harmful as drinking a cup of coffee, as is electronic cigarette consumption.

The interesting fact is that the RSPH is asking for the exemption on outside bans for electronic cigarettes. Seeing electronic cigarettes as a gateway away from tobacco they want to encourage what is generally known to be “vaping”. An electronic cigarette has a battery that heats up nicotine and is diluted by propylene glycol to be drawn in through the mouth like a normal cigarette. It is estimated that there are now 2.6 million vapers in the UK. Propylene glycol is used in asthma inhalers and baby wipes and is considered entirely harmless.

You can read the rest here.

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Canadian Feminists Aim to Close Down Free Speech

Feminists aim to close down free speech

In Toronto, a group of Canadian feminists are standing witness against Graphical Artist Gregory Alan Elliott, which has free speech ramifications unprecedented in western democracies.  He faces three charges of criminal harassment, breaching a “peace bond” and repeatedly sending messages over Twitter to the feminists. The women claim they feared for their safety.

Essentially under Canadian law, if a person or persons perceive that they have been harassed and think they are in danger, then a criminal offence carrying a jail sentence of up to six months may be invoked. The harassment in this case comes from exchanges on Twitter between Mr. Elliott, Ms. Stephanie Guthrie, Ms. Heather Reilly and Ms. Paisley Rae. Ms. Guthrie refers to herself as a “feminist” and local activist.”

They first communicated on Twitter in connection of designing a poster and logo for her group Women in TO (Toronto) Politics (WiTOP). That had dinner in April 2012 to discuss the project but Guthrie did not warm to Elliott. He did not get the commission and a few months passed with seemingly cordial emails. Then a video game where an image of Anita Sarkeesian, was published. Sarkeesian, is a feminist commentator who deplores the portrayal of physical abuse of women in video games.  It invites the user to “punch” the image until it is bloodied. It was soon taken down by the author Bendilin Spurr.

Guthrie subsequently organised her 8,000 supporters to protest against Spurr, and naming him in a Tweet to his local newspaper. Elliott took exception to Guthrie’s bullying, saying the twenty-four year old could self-harm and consequently the relationship soured.  It is then that the exchanges on Twitter became more confrontational.

Elliott subsequently created the hashtag #FascistFeminists while another person described him on Twitter as a “perv and a sad little man.” He replied: “You are wrong on all counts. Go listen to (Guthrie) play her sh*t music in crappy bars with your loser faux-feminist friends.”

His Tweets end on November 12th to coincide with his arrest. Elliott lost his job, and his bail conditions demand that he is not allowed to use a computer, and is hence unemployable.

A blog post appeared on the 26th November 2012 claiming to be from one of Elliott’s sons. He claims that in the eleven years with their mother, Elliott was, “tyrannical, severely physically abusive and emotionally abusive..I had to witness his violent rages for years..If my mum’s black and blue face isn’t enough to prove that this guy is a monster…I believe he should be behind bars..” One of his sons Clayton Elliott vehemently denies that he or his brothers wrote the post.

@occbaystreet @GSawision FYI This anonymous comment is NOT from any of @greg_a_elliott‘s sons. I am one of them and we did not write this.

Additionally Elliott accuses his opponents of trying to entrap him with a thirteen year old girl looking for sexual favours.  In his written submission to the court, Guthrie was asked by Elliott’s lawyer “In your view handling Tweets alleging Mr. Elliott’s a pedophile without correcting the officers receiving them, is not trying to harm Mr Elliott, right?” She replies, “Wasn’t trying to harm him, no.”

The court case also has some revealing evidence. Guthrie under cross-examination has admitted that Elliott has not threatened Guthrie, Raes and Reilly in any sexual or physical manner, confirmed by Detective Jeff Banglid, the investigating police officer. She additionally has been asked why she had not blocked Elliott, which means that she does not have to view Tweets sent by Elliott, without a convincing reply.

The trial is still ongoing, but on 20th March 2014 The Ontario Court Judge Brent Knazan received  a letter from someone alleging  that Guthrie, Raes and Reilly got together and plotted Elliott’s downfall, as they had done with Spurr.  The letter states “Conspired, in my presence, to fabricate a criminal harassment complaint,” and the hearing is “fraudulent or worse.” Knasan has passed the letter on for further investigation,  as the writer provided contact details.

Elliott is accused of wrongfully sending thousands of Tweets but over a nine month, period 295 have been recorded over 287 days, which is just over one a day, hardly prolific. Mostly he just defends himself from personal attacks.

Elliott was arrested in 22nd November 2014. What many would consider surprising is that on 26th September 2013 at the TEDxToronto, a one-day debating forum held in Toronto, Guthrie gives a thirteen-minute speech on dealing with internet “trolls.” Rather than ignore them she urges feminists to confront them by forming Twitter mobs. Guthrie openly boasts that Ben Spurr the man who produced the Beat up Anita Sarkeesian video, “I could not allow that to stand.”

In her presentation, she refers to a number of Tweets. For example on the 6th July 2014 to Spurr “Hey @Bendilin do you punch women in the face IRL (in real life), or just on the internet? Others RT (retweet).” She then shows a Tweet trying to get Spurr fired or unemployable. “Sault Ste Marie employers, if you get a resume from @Bendilin Spurr, he made a woman face punching @saultstar.” Saultstar is the local newspaper where Spurr lives.  She expands by saying that “within an hour hundreds of Twitter users were participating …the post spread like wildfire drawing thousands more into the discussion,”  leading to “new lines in the sands for social interaction” and was “shared 30,000 times… thousands of people were in his virtual face.”

I spoke to the subject of Guthrie’s anger Bendilin Spurr as to why he has not reported the incident to the police? His answer was that, “I don’t trust the Canadian legal system to take it seriously.”

May I remind you that Elliott is on trial for criminal harassment. What would you call organising thirty thousand people to be in Spurr’s “virtual face”?

Reading the background and the transcripts of the case, one wonders how it got to court in the first place.  Certainly any guilty verdict would have incalculable implications for free speech. Just merely disagreeing and the receiver feeling threatened for an opposing viewpoint may lose their job and go to jail. Certainly there seems ample evidence of underhand tricks from the feminists. Guthrie’s hypocrisy in the YouTube video by her own omission seems far more premeditated and venal.

It seems extreme feminism once again is on trial and it is quite ugly.

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Ms. Connie St Louis’ CV and LinkedIn profile

Ms. Connie St Louis is the lady who got Sir Tim Hunt the sack for allegedly making “sexist” remarks to a number of female scientists. Many have gone onto challenge her on the basis of Hunt was being self deprecating and more importantly Ms St Louis’ CV appears to be a little exaggerated.

Here is your chance to look at the raw data, first is her LinkedIn Profile.

Connie St Louis

Director of MA in Science Journalism City University London

Edit experience Current
  1. City University London,
  2. Association of British Science Writers,
  3. BBC


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Name: Connie St Louis

Curriculum Vitae


Recent Employment History

December 2001 to present

I was appointed Senior Lecturer to the Department of Journalism July 2010.I was appointed as Programme Director of the MA in Science Journalism in August 2008 after previously being employed as a member of the faculty, teaching on both the international and magazine journalism courses.

I joined City University in July 2003 and worked as a visiting part time lecturer in the Graduate School of Journalism. I taught a0 course entitled Journalism and Society to undergraduate journalism students. I have designed and developed a module entitled Health and Science Journalism for both undergraduates and postgraduate students. I co-taught the print journalism course Writing and

Reporting for the MA in International Journalism. I also teach broadcast journalism to the radio pathway students on the MA international journalism course; this includes voice training, ‘as live’ studio days, feature making, editing, interviewing skills and writing for radio. I supervise a number of MA theses for both print and radio students. The aim of all these courses is to provide an education in journalism and proficiency in journalistic

I planned, organised and conducted an oral history pilot study for the Foundling Museum which involved researching, visiting, videoing, recording and carrying out extensive interviews with the Foundlings. The interviews were then edited to produce full archive oral histories which were then transcribed. A short film and ten minute edited audio ‘sound bite’ were also produced. During the course of the pilot I found interviewing the Foundlings both fascinating and poignant. As they narrated their stories, the cultural significance, historical importance and

Page 2

Connie St Louis

Page 2 of 6

social engagement of the material became apparent. At the end of each interview each Foundling’s pride, emotional exhaustion and relief at having told their story was underscored by a sense of the precarious nature of their history which will be lost when they die. On the strength of these pilot

interviews and my consultancy experience the Museum was awarded a £350,000 grant to continue the project.

I presented and produced a Radio 4 science documentary on pharmacogenetics which was transmitted Sept 2008and repeated last year. This programme was received successful reviews within and outside the BBC as well as an excellent audience approval rating.

I am a regular contributor to ABC News Worldview TV programme.

I presented a landmark series on the Black Middle Classes for Radio 4, which was transmitted in January 2006. These programmes have been heralding as both ground breaking and as ‘an extraordinary contribution’ by the community, academics and the general public and were nominated for a Sony radio award by the then controller of Radio 4.

In May 2005 I was awarded a prestigious Joseph Rowntree Foundation Journalist Fellowship Award to write a series of articles entitled “Raising Ham” how to raise a black son.”

In November 2002 I was invited and subsequently appointed by the Minister responsible for media, sport and culture to be a Board Member of UK Sport (the former UK Sports Council). I was asked to chair and lead the work on drug-free sport in the UK and to chair the communications panel. I was also a member of the audit committee. My term of office ended last year but I continue to serve on the

audit committee as an external member.

I have continued to work for the BBC but as a freelancer presenter and broadcaster, for a wide range of programmes across a variety of BBC radio platforms. Programmes include, Life before birth, Life as an Infant, and Life as a Child, Life as a Teenager, Life as an Adult, Life in the Middle Age, Life in Old age, Life’s End, Pick of the Week, Raising Ham 1 & 2, Sick of Moving, The Learning Curve, Woman’s Hour (features and interviews and drama), ‘Check up’ and Case Notes for Radio 4. World Service output includes The History of World Medicine, Fit for Life, and Health Matters. Columnist on Radio 4’s Home Truths. I was also the presenter of Health Matters Magazine for two years. I have produced and presented hundreds of science and health programmes during my career. My freelance journalism has included writing for a number of outlets including the Independent The Guardian and The Sunday Times.

I am often asked to be freelance trainer for BBC courses, such as production skills, writing for radio, core skills and feature making as well as Producer Guidelines compliance training. Also, one of the small team of trainers for the BBC Community Trainee Scheme over the last ten years.

Page 3

Connie St Louis

Page 3 of 6

January 2000 to December 2001

Presenting, reporting, researching and writing a wide range of programmes across a variety of BBC radio platforms. Programmes include Radio 4’s landmark Life as series which won a prestigious Glaxo/ABSW award and included , Life before birth, Life as an Infant, and Life as a Child, Life as a Teenager, Life as an Adult, Life in Middle Age and Life in Old Age: Woman’s Hour (features and interviews) ‘Check up’ and Case notes for Radio 4. World Service output included The History of World Medicine, Fit for Life, and Health Matters.

January 1998 to June 2000

Special Assistant Editorial Policy & Compliance, I played a major role in responding to, two serious compliance breeches in the BBC. As a result of this I have learnt to analyze, prepare and develop large scale projects to respond to the particular compliance training issues that have arisen. At the end of the series of guideline awareness training workshops, that I organized and co-authored, the evaluation feedback was excellent.

May 1994 to Jan 1998

Executive Producer in the Documentary Features Unit of Topical Features As a executive producer in documentary features, I was required to lead, edit and manage both large and small teams of production staff in order to keep major strands on air whilst maintaining quality and keeping within ever increasing financial restraints. A career highlight was been invited to produce the 1997 Reith

Lectures with Patricia Williams on race. The impact of this project was to cement and underpin my experience as a journalist. This enabled me to deal with many difficult and sensitive issues against a background of intense press scrutiny, which required careful and tactful negotiations.

August 1991 to May 1994

Producer and Senior Producer, BBC Radio Science Unit, Editor, Arts, Science and Features Radio

I was part of a team producing a range of output including Science and Medicine. My first major strand that I managed was called Eureka! And I successfully coerced Bill Gates C.E.O. Microsoft obtaining his first British interview to launch the series. I also went on to develop and edit Radio 4’s first black and Asian magazine programme ‘In Living Colour’. I have produced a range of science programmes that have targeted different platforms and audiences, who range from children and

young people to leading thinkers and policy makers.

Page 4

Connie St Louis

Page 4 of 6

August 1990 to August 1991

I joined the BBC on its highly competitive and prestigious 2 year trainee Network radio reporter/producer, scheme. Courses including, core skills, production skills, then a series of attachment in a wide range of radio and bi-media departments. I was offered a post in the science unit after my first year as a trainee.

Qualification and training

B.Sc. (Hons) Upper Second Class degree in Applied Biology, NERC Research Assistant at Westfield College University of London working on project called “The population of Marine Diatom in continuous culture and natural Populations. Not completed because the time period lapsed because of intensive breast cancer treatment spanning this time.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (since 2000) and a Member of Royal Institution (2009) the Association of British Science Writers (since 1990) and The Radio Academy ((since 1990).

Whilst I was a producer in Science Unit -I attended a number of training courses, drama (2 weeks), TV Production (3 weeks), plus shorter computing, management, leadership, team building and finance courses.

London Business School:-Selected for highly competitive management and executive six week programme sponsored by the BBC and LBS

                               Research and knowledge transfer

Attraction of financial support from Research Councils and other external bodies

I was part of a successful joint research bid with Newcastle University, Cardiff University, Sunderland University, Sheffield University and University of the West of England to the ESRC to produce a Research Seminar Series entitled ‘Expanding Diversity in the News Industry – Towards Solutions’. City University Seminars was held in January 2011 and was called ‘The barriers to retention ’. I

will be presenting research I have been conducting as well as convening the meeting. This will held in conjunction with the interdisciplinary research Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism.

                           Conference presentations (national and international)

Involvement in research that has not yet yielded a publication or report

I was awarded in December 2010 the City University interdisciplinary Research Prize for £10,000 of research with two other colleagues on Twitter and Health. I had a paper accepted in ACM journal on “Swine Flu and Twitter: What were the important health web resources that were popular on Twitter at the height of the pandemic?”

Page 5

Connie St Louis

Page 5 of 6

I was invited to Science Online Conference 2010 North Carolina, USA to deliver a paper entitled ‘Can science journalists trust scientists’

I was invited to give a lecture to 300 law students at Columbia Law School on Law, Media and Genetics and ran a subsequent workshop with 50 of them (Jan 2010). This was on the representation of genetics in the media the lecture was extremely well received and feedback from the students in the workshop was excellent.

I organised a research symposium on the Impact of Libel Law in Journalism (with particular reference to science journalism) with the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism in November 2010.It was chaired by Lord Lester QC and involve a target audience of 150 people and the list of invited speaker will range from MP’s, lawyers, campaigners and . A collection of the papers is due to published shortly, in a special edition of the British Journalism Review.

Policy advice based on research

Since 2008 I have been an expert member of the Council of Europe’s Diversity Panel, alongside delegates from France Serbia , Germany and Hungary to name a few. I have travelled to Budapest and Portugal this year to give evidence and advice on how to set up an anti racism campaign for the Council of Europe and the EU and have also consulted on the development of a website and training

materials for all European journalists.


External and professional contribution

Membership of and participation in government or international advisory groups

Gave expert evidence to the government’s Science and the Media Review when and I am actively involved in delivering some of the outcomes in the areas of training.

Engagement with Industry as an advisor

Gave expert evidence to the government’s Science and the Media Review in the first six months of 2010, This involved preparing briefing documents in conjunction with the governments BIS department and attending monthly half-day meeting. I am actively involved in delivering some of the outcomes in the areas of training of national science journalists.

I am expert member of the Council of Europe’s Diversity Panel.

Page 6

Connie St Louis

Page 6 of 6

I am a member of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) and the UK’s Association of Journalism Education. I recently acted as a reviewer of 10 academic papers that were submitted to the World Journalism Educators Conference in July 2010.  was President of the Association of British Science Writers and was a board member of EUSJA until the UK ABSW left EUSJA. I am now of the European group who are setting up the European Federation of Science Journalists (EFSJ). I’ve been a member of the organising committee for the UK biannual

conference committee and I organised a plenary on multi platform working and chairing a session on peer review journalism in July 2010, 2012 and 2014. I am a Member of RSA and Radio Academy.

I acted as a judge for ABSW Awards in July 2010,2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

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Colin Grainger 1962 – 2015

Colin Grainger

I am sad to report that Colin Grainger passed away, yesterday the 16th March 2015. One can only begin to imagine the pain his family and friends are feeling. Colin was a former Chairman of Freedom2Choose, soon after our inception in 2007. Tributes have poured in to celebrate the life of a man who fought for the freedom of others, these are typical.


Will miss you @CaptainRanty RIP Farewell Colin, you will go down on the right side of history

RIP @CaptainRanty – A long time good friend to me. An original Libertarian.

Well, that’s some shit news. RIP @CaptainRanty So long Colin. And thanks.

A man who pioneered F2C as a presence in the media and steered us into the mainstream. I always remembered us working on a letter to Jeremy Clarkson asking for his support. Clarkson did not reply but in his Sun column he referred to us as a “half arsed organisation, which I hope are fully arsed soon.”

Colin worked in Africa in sales. He was always posting pictures of bars where smoking was allowed, making me envious.

Colin had a marvellous sense of honour and humour. An intelligent and thoughtful a man who immediately earned your respect though never made you feel in debt because of it. A good friend,  a powerful college and sorely missed already.

Colin will not only be remembered for his fine work but also his wonderful family.  His lasting legacy is our respect and those who would control our lives had much more to fight.

Freedom2Choose would like to pass on our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends to a quite magnificent man.

RIP Colin Grainger 1962 – 2015

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Breitbart Wind Farm Articles

All you people who are fighting against ugly, and in the words of Breitbart’s Executive Editor’s James Delingpole’s words, bat chomping, bird slicing wind farms, here are the URLs that we have done on the industry. We will certainly be adding to them in the coming months.

You can follow Breitbart on @BreitbartNews and me on @daveatherton20

Danish Wind Farm Company Sued For Spoiling View

Flagship German Offshore Wind Farm Project Humiliated by Technical Faults

Revealed: Twelve Useless Wind Turbines

Wind Farms Severely Harmful to Wildlife, New Study Finds

Wind Turbines Causing Mothers to Eat Their Own Babies, Says Mink Farmer

Irish Health Official Warns of ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’ via

Blown Away? US Suspends Wind Power Subsidies, For Now–US-suspends-wind-power-subsidies–for-now

Wind Turbines caused 1,600 miscarriages

Wind Turbine Fires 10 Times More Common than Previously Thought

Wind Turbines Blamed in Death of Estimated 600,000 Bats in 2012

Small Plane Crashes Into Wind Farm Covered in Fog, Killing Four

Wind Farms Need 700 Times More Land to Produce Same Energy as Fracking

Scots to Investigate Link Between Wind Farms & Insomnia, Dizziness, & Raised Blood Pressure Following Complaints

Taxpayer Funded Wind Turbine Scrapped After It Produced Just £5 Of Electricity

Environmental Charity Slams Plans for Huge Wind Farm

Wind Farms are OK Because… Barnacles

$2.3M Wind Turbine at Veterans Affairs Medical Center ‘Inoperable’ for Last 1 1/2 Years

£7 Million Wind Turbines Left Switched Off After Airport Radar Fears

Lightning Strike Knocks Out Huge Wind Turbine

Danish Wind Turbine Company That Received Over $50 Million In Stimulus Lays Off 800 Workers

Report: Wind Farms Can Reduce House Prices by Up to 12 Percent

Conservationists Outraged After Obama Approves Wind Farm Eagle Slaughter

Danish University Fires Professor Who Criticised Wind Turbines

Obama to Give Wind Farms 30-Year Pass on Eagle Deaths

BMA Accused of Ignoring Health Effects of Wind Turbines

UKIP MEP Lord Dartmouth Denies Financial Links with the Wind Farm about to ruin the Yorkshire Moor he Now Claims Not to Own

California wind farm seeks permit to kill eagles

Obama Pushing Failed Solar and Wind Power Again

Wind Turbine Decision Overturned After MoD Fears Radar Interference

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KPMG tweet on methodology for Australian plain packs.

<a href=”

” title=”KPMG tweet on methodology for Australian plain packs.”>KPMG tweet on methodology for Australian plain packs.

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“A ban in homes is not feasible or right” Deborah Arnott of ASH

After the smoking ban in cars with children inside was passed by the House of Commons. To meet the accusation that the home is not the next “logical step ” for tobacco control, Deborah Arnott on the 11th February 2014 said “A ban in homes is not feasible or right”  adding:

“If you ban it a lot of the levers you use to stop uptake you lose. You can’t tax it, you can’t stop under-age sales. What we want to do is to do everything to discourage it.”

Clive Bates, director of anti-smoking group ASH, said in 1998: “This is a scaremongering story by a tobacco industry front group. “No-one is seriously talking about a complete ban on smoking in pubs and restaurants.”

ASH do not have the best of reputations for honesty but when ASH do call for house bans at least we have it in black and white.

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Dan Hannan tweet on government waste

Daniel Hannan        ✔ @DanHannanMEP


It’s not true that governments waste money idly. They put a great deal of effort into it.

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Toby Perkins Twitter exchange on pub closures


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