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A critical review of the evidence on passive smoking

What I hope to do over the coming weeks is publish as much information on passive smoking that I have in my archives. Firstly what I want to consider is how much does a non smoker inhale from a smoker. … Continue reading

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Is smoking a disease or a habit?

On the 7th April 2011 I was invited to speak at the British Medical Journal’s debate on whether smoking is a disease (addiction) or a habit. Sponsored by Pfizer the other speakers were Chritianne Vink a Biological Psychologist who supported … Continue reading

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The November 1994 Congressional Health Sub-Committee report into SHS/ETS.

One fact that has recently come to my attention is the November 1994 Congressional Health Sub-Committee report into SHS/ETS. It was headed up by Henry Waxman an anti smoker and its conclusions were: “The statistical evidence does not appear to … Continue reading

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The penultimate paper on passive smoking and lung cancer

May 24th 2006 saw the publication of “Risk Factors for Lung Cancer in Iowa Women: Implications for Prevention” by Dr. John Neuberger covering a large range possible causes. What did it say on passive smoking? “A significant inverse association was … Continue reading

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Professor Carl V Phillips and honest science

I urge you to read this paper from Professor Carl Phillips who is the former Professor of Public Health at University of Alberta. Here he explores how dissenting scientists who dispute the anti tobacco movements assertions are marginalised and  criticised … Continue reading

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A comprehensive list of passive smoking and lung cancer studies

Peter Lee is an Oxford educated statistician who has consulted to pharmaceutical and tobacco companies. Here is a list of 80 studies into passive smoking and lung cancer. He concludes: “The overall evidence shows no statistically significant increased risk of … Continue reading

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An early Spanish trip

In Spain they have discovered cave paintings where it appears that mushrooms if ingested that induce hallucinations have been depicted from 6,000 years ago.  In another 6,000 years perhaps archaeologists  will discover a packet of fags and a pint of … Continue reading

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