ASH worried about organised crime involvement in tobacco smuggling

My friends at ASH have this stark essay on who is involved in tobacco smuggling and I quote:

“Links to organised crime and terrorism Tobacco smuggling has strong links with terrorist and paramilitary organisations, organised crime syndicates and insurgencies. The enormous profits to be made by evading tobacco duties make smuggling an attractive option for unscrupulous criminal interests.  The Taliban, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) are involved in smuggling cigarettes as is the Columbian FARC. Both the Provisional IRA and the splinter group the Real IRA have  been linked with tobacco smuggling as a way of  raising money to fund their activities. Chinese Triads are central to the traffic to the UK of counterfeit cigarettes produced in highly sophisticated factories in the Far East.”

If ASH say so, it must be true.

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3 Responses to ASH worried about organised crime involvement in tobacco smuggling

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Surprising they didnt mention the evil tobacco companies were involved too!

    Just saying theyd love to make that claim…………..

  2. Smoking Hot says:

    l’m very surprised that they didn’t add Gadaffi to the list. Maybe it will be an ASH press release at a later date? No doubt smokers will soon be held responsible for 9/11 … the link is there according to ASH’s mentality. Maybe ASH hope to get Government funds in the fight against terrorism?

    Added you to blogroll

  3. Magnetic says:

    Given the history of Prohibition and the black market, it can be understood that if taxation on products are extortionate, it will promote a black market to supply a demand that still exists. For those of lower-income, extortionate taxes are de facto prohibition. Even those that can afford the product might seek out contraband as one of the few modes of protest left in the face of extortionate taxes and a government-led denormalization/dehumanization campaign.

    Given this knowledge, it should be understood that at the first hint of a growing black market, it means that the tax on the product is too high. Sane minds would recognize such a basic point and limit the tax at this level, if not lower it. But not the anti-tobacco fools. Having seen an increase in black market activity reflecting that tax is too high, these dullards surmise that the tax should be raised further, and then further, and then even further, to “help” smokers quit. There is now a flourishing black market in tobacco reflecting the wanton stupidity of the anti-tobacco brigade. There is a flourishing black market that didn’t exist just a small number of years ago. Yet, the anti-smoking folk distance themselves from the disaster, proposing that it has materialized from thin air, having nothing to do with them. Some even claim that the black market is undoing their “good work”.

    It is anti-tobacco that should take full responsibility, and made to account, for this serious and entirely foreseeable situation. Unfortunately, this is what transpires when delusional fanatics are put in charge of proceedings; they fumble and stumble headlong into errors of old whilst fraudulently presenting themselves as “experts” and attracting obscene levels of funding. That the medical establishment has also endorsed this folly makes the detrimental consequences iatrogenic.

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