Professor Carl V Phillips and honest science

I urge you to read this paper from Professor Carl Phillips who is the former Professor of Public Health at University of Alberta. Here he explores how dissenting scientists who dispute the anti tobacco movements assertions are marginalised and  criticised  into silence. It is basically about honest science.

Dr. James Enstrom is heavily featured who was dismissed but reinstated by UCLA for  his work  being “Not aligned with the academic mission.” He had been hired by the The Electrical Power Research Institute to investigate whether particulate matter (PM) produced by cars and lorries causes lung cancer. Like his null hypothesis on passive smoking,  lung cancer and heart disease  in his 2003 British Medical Journal paper (with Dr. Geoffrey Kabat)  it was not the results many were looking for.

You can catch Carl’s blog here:

If you want to see the full campaign against Dr. Enstrom in the wake of his 2003 paper please read here:

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