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Class A Drug Prohibition and law enforcement

As taxes rise on cigarettes leading to a black market and some health officials are beginning to call for the illegalisation of tobacco what lessons can be learnt from Class A prohibtion? This paper comes from Canada and here are … Continue reading

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Parliament reviews the impact of air pollution

In 2010 the Parliamentary on the environment headed up by Tim Yeo produced a report into traffic pollution, its main findings were: “Air pollution on UK streets is contributing to tens of thousands of early deaths each year and the … Continue reading

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ASH and Glaxo SmithKline

Over at Taking Liberties Simon Clark is reviewing ASH Scotland. Here is ASH England’s involvement with Glaxo SmithKline the pharmaceutical company. Here is Clive Bates of ASH spinning for Glaxo SmithKline: “The number of people who have died after … Continue reading

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A review of alcohol consumption and mortality, bottoms up for me

The ┬áMedical Journal of Australia has published a paper on alcohol consumption, cancer and heart disease. If you like a ‘grog’ as the Australians do, it makes grim reading. As reported on here by Yahoo “Forget safe drinking levels – … Continue reading

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