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Professor Konrad Jamrozik and his BMJ paper on his estimate of deaths in the UK from passive smoking.

Editor-in-Chief of Lifestyle Reviews Rollo Tomassi has been mentioning the late Konrad Jamrozik’s paper on “Estimate of deaths attributable to passive smoking among UK adults: database analysis.” Here is the abstract: “Objective To estimate deaths from passive smoking in employees of … Continue reading

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A bit of light hearted epidemiology.

As it is Wimbledon I thought I might research some tongue in cheek epidemiology. According to Wikipedia about 10% of us are left handed and wanted to compare the number of left handers who have won the singles vs right … Continue reading

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Mortality from Cancer and Other Causes among Airline Cabin Attendants in Germany, 1960–1997

This is the title of a paper which very much says what it is, and I quote: “The authors conducted a historical cohort study among cabin attendants who had been employed by two German airlines in 1953 or later. Mortality … Continue reading

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Amanda Sandford of ASH agrees passive smoking and lung cancer correlation “are not statistically significant.”

Amanda Sandford of ASH was interviewed in 2003 by the Professor of Journalism Tim Luckhurst and for once by someone did not let ASH wriggle off the hook.  Over to you Rollo. “When I interviewed her in 2004, Amanda Sandford … Continue reading

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The World Health Organization in a spin.

In 1998 the World Health Organization (WHO) produced the Boffetta report which claimed a link between passive smoking and lung cancer. You may well have read my previous entries on how easy it is to debunk. Yesterday I came across … Continue reading

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Did Roy Castle contract lung cancer from passive smoking?

Roy Castle was a much loved entertainer who was the host of Record Breakers,  Jazz musician and appeared in Carry On Up The Khyber. He tragically died from lung cancer at the age of 61 and in the last years … Continue reading

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More on the WHO/Boffetta paper, hat tip Klaus K

I am very grateful for Klaus K for posting this on my blog. This is the whole idea of me starting it as I want an evidence based discussion. Thanks to Rollo for stimulating debate too. It seems the real … Continue reading

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Mobile phones, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

I am sure many of you may have read the World Health Organization are warning mobile (cell) phone users about the possibility of your Nokia being carcinogenic. “Lyon, France, May 31, 2011 ‐‐ The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has … Continue reading

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Is consuming salt as bad for you as they say?

Salt is one of the latest commodities that we consume that has been demonised by science and the Daily Mail can’t wait to churnalise. Churnalism is hard pressed hacks regurgitating science papers on a cut and paste basis without any … Continue reading

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The World Health Organization’s 1998 Boffetta paper into passive smoking

In 1998 the WHO published their report into passive smoking, heart disease and lung cancer here is the abstract. The key finding in my opinion as that it proved no proof that passive smoking is harmful. Abstract Background: An association … Continue reading

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