The UK smoking ban and opinion polls.

ASH are saying the smoking ban has popular support here are some that beg to differ. 52% against smoking ban in Edinburgh.  Paid for by Nicotinel who would gain from people giving up. 58% of Tories want the ban amended for all pubs  73% of Tories want smoking ban relaxed in private members clubs.

28 Jul 2004
More than 80 percent of pub customers in Wales are opposed to a complete ban on smoking in pubs according to a survey carried out for leading independent brewer, pubs and drinks company SA Brain & Co Ltd.

The independent survey of nearly 1,400 customers and staff found that only 19 percent of customers and 12 percent of staff support a total ban on smoking in pubs. There was, however, more widespread support for the provision of no smoking areas for eating and at the bar.

Around 42 percent of customers agreed that no smoking should be the policy in eating areas of the pub. Twenty-two and a half percent support banning smoking at the bar at 22.5 percent and 23 percent of customers said that they would spend more time in the pub if changes to the smoking policy were made. Around 83 percent said that the level of smoke was not a problem in the pub in which they were interviewed.

Of the total number of customers surveyed, 41 percent were smokers.
Retail director for SA Brain & Co Ltd, Philip Lay, said

Alas the information has been taken down but that is what it said. 74% want exemptions to the smoking ban

Three quarters of people in Scotland believe there should be exemptions to the smoking ban, a poll has suggested.  The Populus survey, for the pro-smoking group Forest, revealed 74% of 1,004 people surveyed thought private clubs should be allowed smoking rooms.

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5 Responses to The UK smoking ban and opinion polls.

  1. Rollo Tommasi says:

    Hi Dave – I’m touched that you should produce a new blog in response to my point about smoking in surveys. However, I don’t find your response very illuminating.

    First, in the CNN debate, your argument was to challenge Deborah Arnott by claiming her facts were not as she claimed. In fact she was right – her facts appear to come from the Office for National Statistics’ Opinions Survey Report No. 40 “Smoking-related Behaviour and Attitudes, 2008/09”.

    Second, you’re now claiming that you have surveys which paint a different picture to what the ONS survey states. Let’s compare shall we? The 1st and 4th surveys you refer to were undertaken in 2003 and 2004 respectively. I don’t understand why they should count for more than a study conducted in 2008-09. The 2nd and 3rd surveys you refer to are surveys of Tories only. Is there a particular reason why the views of Tories are more important than the views of the rest of the population? And then there’s the final survey, in Scotland for Forest. It too is older than the ONS survey. It’s sample size is less than a quarter of the sample size of the ONS survey. And you don’t even know the questions asked or how it was conducted.

    So what exactly are your grounds for arguing this motley selection of long-lost and marginal surveys are more accurate than the ONS survey?

  2. JJ says:

    Dave I’m quite heartened by all these Tories that want the ban to be relaxed…but that doesn’t mean that Tory MPs want the ban relaxed in pubs and private clubs though.

  3. Bill Gibson says:

    Remember you are not an expert, however you do have the support and expetise of global scientists, economists, medical professionals and technologists.

  4. churchmouse says:

    Dave — I saw your debate with Deborah Arnott on CNN: well done!! Many thanks!

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