Drinking is the new smoking, update from Rose.

I am deeply indebted to one of my top posters Rose for more information on the demonisation of drinkers.

WHO launches worldwide war on booze
14 October 2009

“HUMANITY’s relationship with alcohol has never been easy. Now it is about to undergo as great a change as our attitude to tobacco, which has seen smoking plummet from the height of cool to the lowest of unpleasant habits.

That at least is the hope of the World Health Organization, which, between now and January, will be honing its draft of the first global strategy on reducing health damage from alcohol abuse, the fifth leading cause of premature death and disability worldwide.”

Public ‘must be protected from passive drinking’
16 Mar 2009

“PEOPLE should be protected from “passive drinking” in the same way they are protected from second-hand smoke, Britain’s top doctor said today.

Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer for England, called for society to recognise the consequences of one person’s drinking on another’s well-being – a phenomenon he labelled passive drinking.”

He added: “I got a hard time when I proposed smoke-free places I don’t feel I have been slapped down.” Sir Liam also said that fewer bars and clubs should be allowed in areas where alcohol-related deaths are high.
“We need a proper plan to combat this. It will upset people and it will ruffle feathers,” he said.”

I have been watching this one coming for a while and did a little research, if anyone finds it useful.

“Dr Peter Anderson, the report’s lead author, who has a background in the World Health Organisation (WHO) and plays a leading role in Tobacco Free Initiative Europe, tells me that the concept of social harm takes the alcohol debate beyond the traditional limits of individual choice and addiction”

“The harm drinkers are doing to themselves, such as liver and brain damage, is only part of the problem. The plan has been given extra momentum by a growing recognition of the number of people who, while not themselves drunk, suffer as a result of the reckless or aggressive behaviour of those who are.”

Alcohol ‘as destructive as smoking’

“Alcohol is as destructive to health worldwide as smoking and high blood pressure, it was claimed today.
Three international experts said alcohol consumption was causally related to more than 60 different medical conditions including breast cancer and heart disease”

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Financier of Temperance

“The temperance-oriented Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) “seeks to drive adult beverage consumption underground, away from mainstream culture and public places.” 1 It attempts to stigmatize alcohol, de-legitimize drinking, marginalize drinkers, and create a de facto quasi-prohibition of the legal product”

Behind the Neo-Prohibition Campaign

“America’s anti-alcohol movement is composed of dozens of overlapping community groups, research institutions, and advocacy organizations, but they are brought together and given direction by one entity: the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). Based in Princeton, New Jersey, the RWJF has spent more than $265 million between 1997 and 2002 to tax, vilify, and restrict access to alcoholic beverages. Nearly every study disparaging alcohol in the mass media, every legislative push to limit marketing or increase taxes, and every supposedly “grassroots” anti-alcohol movement was conceived and coordinated at the RWJF’s headquarters”
http://www.consumerfreedom.com/article_ … rticle/133

An Important Cause
“Alcohol Abuse Prevention is something everybody wants and has become a bandwagon that everybody can jump on. More than a few organizations are using that fact to their advantage. Before you jump, though, learn what these organizations are really doing and supporting”

Millions to be classed as dangerous drinkers

“Millions more people will be classed as dangerous drinkers after the Government announced it is changing the way it estimates alcohol consumption”
http://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk/news … icle/54880

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Postby Rose » Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:02 pm

Anti-Alcohol Industry 101: Overview of the Anti-Alcohol Industry in the U.S.

“Most people are completely unaware that an enormous and well-funded anti-alcohol industry exists in the U.S. It consists of a large number of interrelated organizations, groups and individual activists who are opposed in some way to alcohol and its consumption. Some want to return to Prohibition whereas most want to continuously reduce average consumption to lower and lower levels: “Less alcohol is always too much alcohol.”
http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/Contro … 92295.html

Alcohol has a fatal effect

“Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are particularly dangerous, says Dr Jason Payne-James, the forensic medical examiner who led the study.
“Withdrawal from heroin feels like death but withdrawal from alcohol can actually lead to death. It is that severe.”

You’re Better Off With Beer
Beer and Your Health

“The beneficial effects of drinking alcohol have been guessed at from the earliest days of humankind. When the nomadic hunter-gatherers of millennia ago began to settle down as farmers, they knew nothing about sanitation and maintaining a clean water supply. Water-borne diseases must have been widespread. But these same people may have realized empirically that if they drank their fermented beverages–beer and wine–illnesses were not as common. Scientists now know that the boiling of water in brewing, the alcohol present in both beer and wine and the natural acidity in both drinks will either kill or reduce the growth of illness-forming bacteria. ”
http://www.allaboutbeer.com/features/23 … ealth.html

Beer and Nutrition
http://beer.about.com/od/beernutrition/ … tion_2.htm

Drink limits ‘useless’

“Guidelines on safe alcohol consumption limits that have shaped health policy in Britain for 20 years were “plucked out of the air” as an “intelligent guess”.
The Times reveals today that the recommended weekly drinking limits of 21 units of alcohol for men and 14 for women, first introduced in 1987 and still in use today, had no firm scientific basis whatsoever. ”
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_a … 697975.ece

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Postby Rose » Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:48 pm

How ‘safe drinking’ experts let a bottle or two go to their heads

“Yet these guidelines have no basis in science. Rather, in the words of a member of the committee that drew them up, they were simply “plucked out of the air”.
The safe limits were introduced in 1987 after the Royal College of Physicians produced its first health report on alcohol misuse. In A Great and Growing Evil: The Medical Consequences of Alcohol Abuse, the college warned that a host of medical problems – including liver disease, strokes, heart disease, brain disease and infertility – were associated with excessive drinking. The report was the most significant study into alcohol-related disorders to date.
But Richard Smith, the former editor of the British Medical Journaland a member of the college’s working party on alcohol, told The Times yesterday that the figures were not based on any clear evidence. He remembers “rather vividly” what happened when the discussion came round to whether the group should recommend safe limits for men and women.

“David Barker was the epidemiologist on the committee and his line was that ‘We don’t really have any decent data whatsoever. It’s impossible to say what’s safe and what isn’t’.
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_a … 698024.ece

WHO gets nod to tackle harmful use of alcohol

“The blueprint, to be presented in two years, should include a set of recommended national measures for states. These could cover guidance on the marketing, pricing, and distribution of alcoholic drinks and public awareness campaigns.

In 2003, WHO clinched the first global public health treaty which targeted tobacco through stronger warnings on cigarette packages and limits on advertising and sponsorship”

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6 Responses to Drinking is the new smoking, update from Rose.

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Civilization has learned whats acceptable and what isnt by the population at large thru the eons!

    Tis why weve had the prohibitionists come out from their underground hiding places thru the centuries.They get a foot in the door as caring people only to take that approach and get their agenda rolling again.Its always the same.They dont care how long it takes decades or centuries.They lay the groundwork decades before and we can see this in american culture too!

    In the yankee civilwar camps the temperance movement set up tents villafying the act of smoking and drink……it was in fact a part of the yankee anti-slavery or abolishionist movement!

    When these abolishionists won the war,their other hatreds had a firm footing in american politics and they used it thru 4 decades and getting their anti-tobacco stance spring boarded into tobacco prohibitions in many states during the 1890s and even more in the first 2 decades of the 20th century. Tobacco prohibition eventually collapsed but not their anti-alcohol movement as we can see with the Carrie Nations of the time! Leading to the Volstead act in 1919. The same groups were extensively active in the womans suffurage movement which led to the the female vote in america…..but they werent satisfied with simply having alcohol prohibitied they had planned on the next constitutional amendment to be one that prohibitied tobacco,instead that amendment REPEALED THE VOLSTEAD ACT in 1933!

    It didnt stop there in America or anywhere else,they simply went underground again to resurface as groups like the ACS,ALA,AHA and many more. The aforementioned groups were created by Rockefellor a big time financer of prohibition and anti-tobacco! As has been said,they tossed away their bibles for white lab coats and using cancer as their calling card BANNER. They were instrumental in creating the office of surgeon general and many early studies on smoking!

    The office of surgeon general has been used as a tool in anti-tobacco propaganda for decades now as we know from our own experience. Its in this propaganda campaign of decades and now the second hand smoke junk science that even the direct smoking studies come into conflict of truthfulness and believability!

    But as all moral crusades go and thats what this is,they ALWAYS over step their own goals/if they even have any goal posts set! from indoor bans to outdoor bans to most likely total prohibition again. We know historically these groups fail,the question is WHEN! Its not just us smokers in their sites its EVERYONE,obese,drinker,our kids……..we are all targets of the new progressive public health agenda and its whats epidemic not us the people!

    It will end just as before,the question is WHEN!

  2. Rose says:

    12 Jul 2011

    “Current alcohol consumption guidelines are inadequate for the prevention of cancer and new international guidelines are needed, states an analysis in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

    Guidelines in some countries are not currently based on evidence for long-term harm. Most guidelines are based on studies that assessed the short-term effects of alcohol, such as social and psychological issues and hospital admissions, and were not designed to prevent chronic diseases. As well, in some countries, alcohol producers were either part of working groups defining sensible drinking or instrumental in dissemination of the guidelines.

    There is increasing evidence that links alcohol consumption to cancer. The WHO International Agency of Research on Cancer has stated, based on evidence, that alcohol is carcinogenic in both animals and humans. Several evaluations of this agency as well the joint 2007 report of the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research warned of the link between alcohol and cancers in the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon-rectum and breast cancers. Based on the evidence, “there is no level of alcohol consumption for which cancer risk is null.”

    “Based on the evidence, “there is no level of alcohol consumption for which cancer risk is null.”
    Does that sound like “no safe level ” to you?

    ‘The cause is above all the transformation of ethanol in alcohol to acetaldehyde, which damages DNA in healthy cells.’

    Passive Drinking 1993

    “FED UP with passive smoking at parties? Why not try passive drinking instead? It may sound improbable – and do not expect a traffic policeman to believe you at the roadside – but it seems that significant amounts of alcohol can enter the body simply by breathing in the fumes.”

    “Cooks are familiar with the idea that alcohol evaporates from a pot during heating. It simply disappears into thin air.”

    “Inhalation of alcohol fumes has been tried in the laboratory. Researchers managed to raise blood alcohol levels to 10mg per 100ml in tests on volunteers carried out in Germany in the Fifties and in Britain in 1975. That is a significant amount, although well below the legal limit.”


    I think that it was supposed to be a joke at the time.

  3. Gary K. says:

    “the link between alcohol and cancers in the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon-rectum and breast cancers..”

    Darnnnn, I thought it was smoking that caused all those cancers!!!

    Now I find out I will get breast cancer from drinking??????
    I shall have to wear a bib when I drink,’spillage’ is the only plausible reason for my(a male) getting breast cancer.

    Do you suppose that drinking is what made my mustache go white/grey???

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    Now Gary,we cant have you crying over spilt beers on the breast!

    Now as for mothers nursing babys while drinking a beer,we have some of us who were born to a good drink of spilt alcohol while mum was in the bar breast feeding us! But it appears now us babes saved our mums from alcohol induced subdermal breast cancer!

    Now with gay marriage legal,those gay male/mothers out there who find it neccissary to breast feed their adopted babies can also benefit from saving their gay male/mom from male breast cancers!

    This is definately proving to be a very successful cancer prevention habit!

    As far as your stashe turning white,thats the suds from the beer……

    Theres a tear in my beer!

  5. Georges Domert says:

    DEFINITION PASSIVE DRINKING (VERSION 11.3 summarized by Georges Domert ,France): alcohol is 50% to 60% of crime and offences & 20% of homicides (by studying alcohol-related crimes, there are e.g. sexual assault); add to this 10000 deaths/year rescences by passive drinking : affecting the faetus of pregnant women (defects), road accidents , domestic violence, child & abused adolescance (beaten, school problems…), the workmen & finally fights in nightclubs, bars – pubs, holiday outdoor municipal (alcohol is associated with in 50% of the fights in general);Follow visible depression syndrome in number of cases of victims of passive alcohol, with cases very serious affected by the moral harassment (threats to break the figure, death threats, mockery-humour character reprehensible & aggressive-, insults, forced alcoholism as a pretext to the unjustified sale of narcotics & cannabis, reprimendes at work, hazing etc. characterized by of debility , madness or squizophrenie).Many authors (cancer trials) show the links between depression and an increase in the frequency of cancers and early mortality (cancer by passive Lac.); thus proven mortality can also result in suicides.The alcoholic désocialise teetotal entourage, the terrorizing and bungling his happiness. “.”Binge drinking exhausts the means of our hospitals, generating chaos in our streets and spreading fear in our communities, supported the Prime Minister David Cameron to the United Kingdom.Finally, we must specify the noise pollution remarkable competing pub Irish but just as possible in the simple neighbourhood of neighborhood or residential.Same for odours, sometimes some alcoholics feel the “ammonia”; not to mention the vomissents & some degradation – breaks due to States of drunkenness.On the beach: the residents sleep.Plantar morning bathers hemorrhage due to revellers (videos United-States_BLOGONS sur la plage) sometimes bulky waste.ALCOHOL KILLS (approximately 200.000.000 deaths preventable/century) & specific labels indicating the dangers should be affixed on each bottle.Finally alcohol should be banned in public places except special derogation, with obligation to protect people sober, tolerant of alcohol in confined & separated places.

  6. G.D. says:

    DEFINITION ALCOOLISME PASSIF FIN (VERSION 11 .5 résumée par Georges Domert) :l’ alcool c’ est 50 % à 60 % de la criminalité et des délits & 20 % des homicides (en étudiant les crimes liés à l’ alcool ,on trouve par ex. les agressions sexuelles) ;s’ ajoute à cela 10000 morts/an rescencés par alcoolisme passif :touchant les faetus des femmes enceintes (malformations ) ,les accidents de la route ,la violence conjugale ,l’ enfance & adolescance maltraitées (battus ,connaissant des problèmes scolaires …) ,les accidents du travail & enfin les bagarres en boites de nuit ,bars-pubs ,fêtes en plein air municipales (L’alcool est associé dans 50% des bagarres en général) ;S’ ensuit du syndrôme de dépression visible dans nombre de cas de personnes victimes d’ alcoolisme passif ,avec des cas très grâves touchés par du harcellement moral (menaces de casser la figure ,menaces de mort ,moqueries-humour à caractère répréhensible & agressif- ,injures ,alcoolisme forcé aussi prétexte à la vente de stupéfiants & canabis ,réprimendes injustifiées au travail ,bizutage etc…caractérisés par de la débilité ,folie ou squizophrénie).De nombreux auteurs (essais sur le cancer) montrent les liens existant entre la dépression et une augmentation de la fréquence des cancers ainsi que d’une mortalité précoce (cancers par alcoolisme passif ainsi prouvé) ;mortalité pouvant aussi se traduire par des suicides .L’ alcoolique désocialise l’ entourage sobre ,le terrorisant et gachant son bonheur .«Le binge drinking épuise les moyens de nos hôpitaux, génère le chaos dans nos rues et répand la peur dans nos communautés, soutenait le Premier ministre David Cameron au Royaume-Uni .
    EXEMPLES (co-dépendance):
    1/”La honte et le stress associés au problème d’alcool de votre conjoint peuvent vous faire ressentir de la culpabilité ou une dépression pouvant entraîner des problèmes physiques et psychologiques”(Quand L’Alcoolisme Touche la Famille
    février 2007 ,Vie et santé Archives ,© Shepell·fgi, 2012 ).
    2/”98.2% des femmes ayant été hébergées présentent, un an après leur séjour en maison d’aide et d’hébergement, au moins un problème de santé physique ou mentale (Ex : dépression, anxiété)”(http://www.lagitee.ca/femmes-597-les-impacts-de-la-violence-conjugale.php) ;
    l’alcool est souvent un facteur déclenchant :les déterminants le plus souvent évoqués sont l’alcoolisme (jusqu’ à 93 %)(http://www.e-sante.be/violence-conjugale-alcool-est-souvent-facteur-declenchant/actualite/1573);
    3/”« Prépare toi, tu vas l’avoir ta dérouillée » « Pas la peine de filer doux, je t’aurai » « Où que tu ailles, j’aurai ta peau » « Putain » – « Salope » – « Traînée »…
    Cette forme de violence verbale permet à l’agresseur, sans porter aucun coup d’atteindre le but recherché, c’est-à-dire de créer une tension insupportable pour sa conjointe et de maintenir un climat de peur et d’insécurité” (Alcool et violence ;http://www.avancermieux.org/spip.php?article134).
    4/”L’enfant souffre au quotidien .La première souffrance de l’enfant c’est : la peur, peur d’attendre le parent alcoolique, peur quand il ne rentre pas le soir, peur quand il rentre et qu’il s’attend aux violences verbales et quelques fois physiques.
    L’enfant éprouve aussi de la honte,(…) .L’échec est un sentiment permanent chez l’enfant, (…)Cet enfant là est privé de sécurité, d’affection, (…)
    Il souffre aussi de la solitude et de l’abandon : (…), ou simplement parce qu’il est profondément accaparé par son propre chagrin.(…) • l’enfant enregistre aussi l’injustice d’être puni pour de : riens, quand l’alcoolique, lui, ne l’est jamais.
    Souffrant de la Lâcheté de son autre parent,(…), à la fois blessé dans son sens de la justice et du respect, il est aussi blessé dans (…) son estime de soi.
    Ce sentiment très fort d’être abandonné et pas aimé est absolument terrible parce que l’enfant a moins peur de la mort que d’être abandonné !
    Cela se traduit par des troubles du comportement,(…), l’effondrement des notes à l’école, (…), il peut également souffrir d’anxiété et de dépression…”(Aide, Prévention et Potentiels Humains ;http://www.avancermieux.org/spip.php?article133)
    Enfin ,il faut préciser les nuisances sonnores remarquables nottemment dans les pubs irlandais mais tout autant possibles dans le simple voisinage de quartier ou résidentiel .
    De même pour les odeurs :parfois certains alcooliques sentent l’ “amoniaque ” ;sans compter les vomissents & certaines dégradations -casse dues à des états d’ ivresse .Sur la plage :Insomnies des riverains.
    Hémorragie plantaire des baigneurs matinaux due aux déchets parfois encombrants des fêtards (vidéos Etats-Unis_BLOGONS SUR LE SABLE) .L’ ALCOOL TUE (environ 200.000.000 morts évitables/sciècle) & des étiquettes spécifiques
    mentionnant les dangers devraient être apposées sur chaque bouteille .Enfin l’ alcool devrait être interdit en lieux publics sauf dérogation spéciale ,avec obligation de protéger les
    personnes sobres ,en tolérant l’ alcool dans des lieux confinés & séparés .

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