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The World Trade Organization and plain packaging

People may disagree but in my opinion one of the major causes of World War 2 was the desperate economic situation of the 1930s. The Wall Street Crash, the credit boom and bust and subsequent protectionism led to a contraction … Continue reading

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The Laffer Curve in action

One aspect about fighting the anti smokers is the broad range of subjects that one has to learn. Whether it is the crash of the Pub Companies share price post UK smoking ban, reading about genetic mutations that cause lung … Continue reading

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ASH will not be having a good Christmas

I need to find more collaborating evidence but this paper from Canada means that we are in the home straight that passive smoking does not cause lung cancer (LC). The World Health Organization (WHO) and its cancer subsidiary the International … Continue reading

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The Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health (SCOTH) and the Freedom of Information Act, “Most of the studies were not felt to be sufficiently conclusive in their findings.”

The last time SCOTH was published was in November 2004 and was highly influential in bringing about the smoking ban. Hosted by the Department of Health and packed with ASH, pharmaceutically and WHO funded apparatchiks, objectivity was not the cornerstone … Continue reading

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We are all smokers now

A year or so ago I gave a speech at a fringe meeting at UKIP it was called: We are all smokers now. Apologies for the bullet form but I hope you get the idea. Speech Introduction F2C and TICAP … Continue reading

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Is this the final proof that passive smoking does not cause lung cancer?

Hat tip Christoph Lovenich. Apologies for the quality, when I have time I will tidy it up, however this is a superb paper which may finally prove that passively breathing in second hand tobacco smoke does not cause lung cancer. … Continue reading

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Nielsen PLC and pub closures

Nielsen PLC formerly known as AC Nielsen in their own words “As a global leader in measurement and information, we believe providing our clients a precise understanding of the consumer is the key to making the right decisions — decisions … Continue reading

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The best comment on the EU and Labour you will see

I rarely stray off Lifestyle Reviews into politics but events over the last few days have brought the EU into focus. In the Guardian Ed Milliband was trying to score party political points. One comment says it all. So raise … Continue reading

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Rollo, ASH Scotland and freedom of speech

On my post I accused Rollo as possibly being an employee of ASH Scotland, I also added tongue in cheek that “Gene Borio today, next Debs Arnott of ASH might pick up the keyboard, who knows.” Ironically Rory Morrison of … Continue reading

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Gene Borio loses the plot.

Gene Borio is one of those fundamentalist anti smokers who you can easily imagine foaming at the mouth that someone disagrees with him. You can see from his rant at me that the last thing on his mind is empirical … Continue reading

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