The best comment on the EU and Labour you will see

I rarely stray off Lifestyle Reviews into politics but events over the last few days have brought the EU into focus. In the Guardian Ed Milliband was trying to score party political points. One comment says it all. So raise a glass to Cantakerousblogger.

“The government of which you were a member bent over backwards for the financial services industry. Your government gave away our veto of key areas. Your government gave away our veto which means that being a member of the EU now has a net annual cost of £12 billion. Your mentor, Gordon Brown, whom you lacked the bottle to dispose despite all knowing that he was a disaster, sold our gold reserves for 1/6 of what they would be worth today. You’re another champagne socialist who has never done a real job and doesn’t understand business or economics. You’re the man who put the non-job-never-job and former CND chair Baroness Ashton in charge of the foreign policy of the EU. And, right now, you are making a terrible mistake scoring cheap political points when the national interest is at stake.

Soon more intelligent commentators will consider for how long the UK will be alone. Greeks are rioting nightly on the streets. Italy has had its elected government removed. The Irish public hardly feel warmly towards the EU and will have a referendum. The trading Dutch will hardly feel happy at the thought of a German-dominated and French-sytled-protectionist Europe. The French electorate will not like the idea of German control of their finances. The Germans will not like the idea of bailing out what they see as the ‘lazy siesta southern Europeans’. The Scandinavians will look on these developments with horror. Most central Europeans are already natural allies. The EU will fear for the loss of £12 billion p.a. net from the UK. And the financial markets… Let’s wait for the new order to take shape – it certainly hasn’t yet.

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”


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1 Response to The best comment on the EU and Labour you will see

  1. Pat Nurse says:

    When one of our local candidates said this at the last local election hustings with TUC socialists and the Green party – the only ones to turn up with us at UKIP with Lab and Cons failing to show – he was accused of being racist.

    Funny how mention of that word is used to kill debate so the status quo continues.

    Nice post David.

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