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Memo to Professor Simon Chapman on plain packaging

His nibs has been to cold inclement Britain to promote plain packaging. With the launch in Bristol with Liberal Democratic MP Stephen Williams, quotes in one or either terms may be inserted and his article in the Guardian. Chapman was … Continue reading

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Second hand smoke, here are some questions that the anti tobacco groups need to answer

Simon Chapman has been part of the debate on Stephen Williams MP’s blog. He is Australian and have used Australian statistics for my illustration. Whether second hand smoke (SHS) causes lung cancer (LC) they need to pay particular attention to … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher and The Iron lady

Invited by Shane Frith of New Direction a centre-right, free market think tank based in Brussels on Thursday September 30th 2010 is the day I met The Rt Hon. The Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven LG, OM, FRS, albeit briefly. We shook hands … Continue reading

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My interview on BBC Radio WM (Birmingham) and Paul Hooper of ASH and Warwickshire Primary Care Trust

Paul Hooper of ASH and Warwickshire Primary Care Trust and me were interviewed over the Christmas period and a big thanks for John Baker to record it.  As John remarked: “The first person interviewed is one Paul Hooper, a well paid ASH … Continue reading

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Professor Simon Chapman and third hand smoke

As the debate on second hand smoke rages on the anti tobacco lobby have moved onto third hand smoke (THS). Whereby the residue of chemicals exhaled onto surfaces and the smoker’s clothes constitutes a health hazard. Here is an article … Continue reading

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Dr. Richard Smith a honest academic

Dr. Richard Smith is the former editor of the British Medical Journal who had the courage to publish the Enstrom/Kabat paper on passive smoking,  lung cancer and heart disease. It concluded: “The results do not support a causal relation between … Continue reading

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More Australian dishonesty on second hand smoke, we can add Peter Lavac and Professor Matthew Peters to the Professor Simon Chapman hall of shame

This is a straight cut and paste from Chris Snowdon’s blog. “Peter Lavac – the whole story I recently mentioned the bizarre case of Peter Lavac, who blames two people who lived in a flat below him for 18 months for … Continue reading

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More evidence that salt intake does no harm

A new study out from Canada says that people lowering their salt intake are at greater risk from strokes and heart disease.  One of the great strengths of the study was that it was a cohort study in that it … Continue reading

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