My interview on BBC Radio WM (Birmingham) and Paul Hooper of ASH and Warwickshire Primary Care Trust

Paul Hooper of ASH and Warwickshire Primary Care Trust and me were interviewed over the Christmas period and a big thanks for John Baker to record it.  As John remarked:

“The first person interviewed is one Paul Hooper, a well paid ASH propagandist who is well known to Freedom2Choose,Tony Blows and his wife. Paul Hooperattended court where Tony was handed down a £17,000 legal bill for defying the smoking ban and while Tony was being sentenced Hooper gave a hangman sign to Tony’s lovely wife, using his tie as a noose, while she waited for Tony’s fate outside, lovely man, ain’t he.”

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5 Responses to My interview on BBC Radio WM (Birmingham) and Paul Hooper of ASH and Warwickshire Primary Care Trust

  1. junican says:

    I have just listened for the second time to the interview.
    Despite the fact that Hooper went on at great length about ‘the children’, the real intention of the display ban was revealed close to the end of his first spiel. It is to make the selling of tobacco unprofitable.This is what he said [words to the effect] “These promotional areas could be better used to sell goods with greater profit margins than tobacco or cigarettes” But that has always been the case, hasn’t it? The reason that the tobacco is there, directly behind the counter, is the result of various prohibitions and directives and the comparatively high value of the goods.

    So, in reality, all the waffle about children seeing them is a smokescreen designed to cover the real intention of forcing retailers to do away with tobacco. In fact, at one point he actually said [words to the effect] “Opening cupboards etc might be more troublesome for shopkeepers……” That is what they want. More troublesome (and therefore more time consuming), less profitable, and, eventually, not worth stocking.

    Of course, ASH ET AL have no interest whatsoever in the viability of small shops. Their closure is just collateral damage in the great crusade (which is very profitable to them).

    There are still three years for small shopkeepers to realise that this is the intention, and to start fighting against it. If they do not, then many more of them will lose their viability.

    I wonder what the hidden intentions of plain packaging are?

  2. junican says:

    I should also have said that there must be a hidden intention of plain packaging since tobacco will no longer be visible in retail outlets!

  3. Hell all it does is make bootleggers more profitable……………..and with everything hidden a vendor can put his bootleg right beside his legal smokes and nobody is the wiser! hidden panels work pretty good too!

  4. John H Baker says:

    Thanks for the link Dave. Since that post I’ve found out that a legal challenge by Imperial Tobacco has halted the introduction of the display ban in Scotland. While reading the link below I saw this:
    “In addition to the display ban, the Scottish government had originally proposed restricting the size of the space used for the sale transaction so that only an area the size of one cigarette packet would be could be opened in the store cabinet.”
    As I said in my blogpost my local ASDA had implimented the ban three months early and one thing I noticed was how visible the display was and, due to the assistants not knowing where a brand was when being asked for it proceeded to open both doors and taking a while to get that brand for the customer. Junical talked about hidden intentions and I can see the anti smoking crowd pushing for what the Scottish bansterbators wanted all along. These people will not stop until they get total prohibition.

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