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Where are the deaths from lung cancer from second hand smoke?

A massive hat tip to Junican for taking the trouble to read the massive McTear vs Imperial Tobacco and how the anti smokers are contradicting themselves. This is a straight cut and paste.  In their zeal to prove active smoking … Continue reading

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Does smoking cause lung cancer? The Outer House Court Session in Scotland said not necessarily

I have very embarrassingly been invited to a symposium on the causes of lung cancer in smokers and whether the correlation is causal or whether it is confounded. Lots of midnight oil burning for me with copious notes. For the … Continue reading

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Hat Tip Rose, the WHO are now after drinkers.

We all know that tobacco control is the pathfinder for the World Health Organization (WHO) to interfere in other habits. It is alcohol this time. Rose was kind enough to post this link from Poland and in her own words. … Continue reading

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Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) are still funded by the taxpayer

Are ASH still funded by the taxpayer? According to Earl Howe in Hansard no was the answer on: “26 Apr 2011 : Column WA1  Written Answers Tuesday 26 April 2011 Action on Smoking and Health Question Asked by Lord Naseby To … Continue reading

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My rant on climate change

I have written this comment on the BMJ Blog on climate change in response to this article, “Nell Crowden: What’s bad for the climate is bad for health.”. I do not think James Dellingpole and Lord Monckton would necessarily … Continue reading

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