Hat Tip Rose, the WHO are now after drinkers.

We all know that tobacco control is the pathfinder for the World Health Organization (WHO) to interfere in other habits. It is alcohol this time.

Rose was kind enough to post this link from Poland and in her own words.

Health Ministry accepts controversial WHO alcohol proposals

“Poland’s Health Ministry has accepted a controversial raft of proposals from the World Health Organisation (WHO) designed to counter alcohol abuse in the EU.
The WHO document proposes that all liquor stores must be licenced by the state, and that these shops should only be open for business for only eight hours per day.
Some alcohol shops in Poland are currently open through the night.

Although EU countries are not immediately obliged to create legislation in response to the document, the EC will begin work on a new strategy to confront alcohol abuse this spring.”

This link has some goodies in it too, and you can see where it is all going.

“Resolution: European action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol 2012–2020″

RECOMMENDS Member States 2:
(a) to use the Action Plan to formulate or, if appropriate, reformulate national alcohol policies and national alcohol action plans;
(b) to strengthen international collaboration in the face of increasing levels of common and transboundary challenges and threats in this area;
(c) to promote and support policies and interventions to decrease the harmful use of  alcohol that preserve and protect public health interests while ensuring that  measures to this effect remain proportionate and evidence-based;
(d) to promote an evidence-based approach that includes all levels of government, as well as all affected sectors and stakeholders involved including communities, civil society and the private sector in the actions needed to prevent or reduce alcoholrelated harm;
(e) to promote alcohol-free policies in an increasing number of settings and circumstances such as the workplace, means of public transport, the environments of children and youth and during pregnancy; (f) to reduce exposure to alcohol marketing, and in particular to protect children and youth from alcohol marketing of all kinds;
(g) to ensure, that in doing so, the measures aiming at reducing the harmful use of alcohol comply with international treaties and agreements;”

Don’t say us smokers did not warn you…cont p94 etc.



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2 Responses to Hat Tip Rose, the WHO are now after drinkers.

  1. garyk30 says:

    “while ensuring that measures to this effect remain proportionate and evidence-based”

    Riiiight, I am so positive this will be the program!!!!

    “and in particular to protect children and youth from alcohol marketing of all kinds”

    Ah yes, for the children as they must be protected.

    Last I saw, children do no purchasing of the stuff and forbidden fruit is the most desired.

  2. garyk30 says:

    Perhaps WHO should be more worried about this problem!!!

    The Save the Children report said chronic malnutrition is a largely hidden crisis that affects one in four children globally. The report says 300 children die every hour of every day because of chronic malnutrition. That equals some 2 million deaths a year.

    Gary K.

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