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Cancer Research UK’s (CRUK) own findings say that kids do not take a blind bit of notice of cigarette packets, hat tip Dick Puddlecote

This is shamelessly cut and pasted from Dick Puddlecote the blogger.  Cancer Research UK’s own study found no correlation with packet design and a teenager’s attention. Really such blatant misleading of the public and by a charity is unforgivable. “Cancer … Continue reading

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Clive Bates former head of ASH on snus, hat tip Chris Snowdon

I have shamelessly cut and pasted this from Chris Snowdon’s blog, Velvet Glove, Iron Fist. Snus are tobacco and hence nicotine based pouch like a tiny tea bag which you rest between upper lip and gum.  The nicotine is then … Continue reading

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Professor Simon Chapman wears the dunces cap again

After adding to free speech by blocking me on Twitter Professor  Simon  Chapman’s Tweets come to me second hand. This happened after his savaging by Professor Carl V Phillips on his Ep-ology blog and a piece entitled “How can you … Continue reading

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My appearance on China TV

Last year on May 1st I was interviewed by China TV to get a UK perspective on  their restrictions on smoking in public. It was interesting that the reporter said that in China that you cannot say what you like … Continue reading

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JD Rockefeller’s letter on Prohibition

John D. Rockefeller Jr the wealthy industrialist, was a tee totaller who agreed with American Prohibition of alcohol. It lasted from 1919 to 1933 and was a complete disaster. Drinking increased and organised crime blossomed, in 1932 he wrote a … Continue reading

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Prof. Romano Griesshaber professor in medicine, now retired, has written a book (in German) about how second hand smoke harm is a scam.

Sorry for the slightly untidy presentation, but I will tidy it up later. Another scientist dissents on the harm of passive smoking . He too like Professor Philippe Even had to wait for his retirement, as he was silenced when … Continue reading

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The Taxpayers’ Alliance gets their retaliation in first on SmokeFree South West and wasting public money

You may have seen over at Dick Puddlecote’s Freedom Of Information Request (FOI) the appalling waste of money spent by SmokeFree South West on their plain cigarette packets initiative, £468,462.06 to be precise. Matthew Elliott of the The Tax Payers’ Alliance wrote this … Continue reading

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An open letter to Professor Terence Stephenson and Professor Dame Sally Davies

Dear Professor Terence Stephenson and Professor Dame  Sally Davies, Let me introduce myself, I am Chairman of Freedom2Choose a pro choice smoking organisation, funded by its members. The ‘F2C’ organization does not receive a penny directly or indirectly from tobacco companies. … Continue reading

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