Prof. Romano Griesshaber professor in medicine, now retired, has written a book (in German) about how second hand smoke harm is a scam.

Sorry for the slightly untidy presentation, but I will tidy it up later. Another scientist dissents on the harm of passive smoking . He too like Professor Philippe Even had to wait for his retirement, as he was silenced when working.


First Klinikum Munich fulfills a contract content including: BGN and prevention in general, refuse to discuss it and Diffaminierung is not pleasing to BGN research results, garage experiment, measurement of tobacco smoke content in the air, BGN study of diseases of the gastro-employee

Second missionary zeal and war rhetoric: WHO is the successor to the Holy Inquisition Contents include: War on Tobacco WHO with its aspects, such as FCTC third , the truths of the creative collaborators. 

Contents include: The infamous 3301 , some epidemiological problems, zero-molecule dogma  fourth on risks and Side effects that you ask your local pub to host content such as: impact of smoking bans on restaurants, such as Ireland, Bavaria 

fifth , the epidemiologists-basics
content include: Multifaktorialität, meta-, Denialism, Ropohl-Kuhn-examination

sixth … and tomorrow the whole world
content including: campaigns and progressive demands of the Antis, Bavarian referendum, tobacco, Groupthink in tobacco control, role of the EU

7th Higher Mathematics for milkmaids
Contents include: (active) smoking, risk factors and disease triggers heart attack miracle, 3rd / 4th hand smoke, dealing with dissidents

8th Good is meant the opposite of good
content including:
black lung, a sense of prevention marketing, general health development

ninth When the uprising of the decent comes 
Contents include:
scientific ethos, denormalization, Champix, recommendations and outlook

semolina haber

Prof. Romano Grieshaber


(Université d’Iéna)

Review by Tim Cole ( Critique de l’ouvrage)

 If we do here on already spoiled with all the do-gooders and do-gooders want, then we must not forget the militant Non smoking. The bullheaded and stubborn curmudgeons of the ÖDP and other ideologues clubs have managed our peace-loving smokers to tobacco use by popular vote to ruin so thoroughly that it is now considered anti-social outsider feels when you light on his own balcony a cigar. They have ensured that we are locked at airports in smoke-filled glass cages and must close ranks on platforms as narrow, yellow-marked Absperrzonen to indulge our filthy vices under the reproachful gaze of honest citizens. They have denigrated as addicts and ensure that we have to freezing in front of office buildings or pubs, so they gotten just so none of our Zasterqualm, because as everyone knows, is the second-hand smoke is one of the greatest threats to life and limb of an innocent Non smoking may threaten: A couple of times taken a deep breath, and the desire to have lung cancer, his ominous proliferation.

Absolute rubbish – but effective!

How do I know? Because I was just a new book by Prof. Romano Grieshaber as a review copy on the table: ” Passive smoking – Twilight of the gods of scienceDescription: Description:“(Publikom Z-Verlag).And the good Professor really brings out the sweeping blow to expose the lie-hand smoke. There is no single scientific investigation durable, able to demonstrate a genuine threat by bystanders smoldering colleagues in offices and pubs, he says. In reality, would have otherwise honorable scientists in such institutions as the German Cancer Research CenterDescription: Description: and the World Health Organization ( WHODescription: Description: Of narrow-minded anti-smoking fundamentalists kidnap and can be misleading in “a kind of faith stamp, in which scientific studies probably have to meet more needs than quasireligösen scientific claims.”

Now one might reply yes the other hand, that the good professor himself was probably more of a drooling spinner who just happens to be one denomination of tobacco lovers. First, and was Grieshaber, as he writes himself, his life Non smoking. But above all: he was the leader responsible for the prevention and research of food and catering trade associationDescription: Description:, and thus one of the leading experts on health, which is available in Germany. Just to make the list of its activities fully honorable: He is a professor for Applied Prevention and Health Promotion at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, a board member of the Research Institute for Applied System Safety and HealthDescription: Description:, a member of the International Social Security Association Description: Description: and CEO of the Center for Interdisciplinary Prevention (KIP) of the University of Jena. Oh yes, he studied in Heidelberg Medicine and is director of the ” Erfurt daysDescription: Description:“One of the most important occupational health specialist conferences on respiratory diseases.

Grieshaber has, as he writes, his professional life exploring causal relationships at work-related health hazards and described. And this man claims that there is no proven link between secondhand smoke and lung disease pathway. Who says that is lying (which he does not write like that, but it is implicit in almost any of the 280 pages of his book). The anti-smoking simply believe that it is so, so they claim it as well. And since it is apparently politically incorrect to believe it, no one dares to say otherwise.Whoever does so anyway, is made either muzzled or marginalized. As a scientist, it could mean the end of the career, because higher education is the network of anti-smoking Taliban linked very closely, as he had 2007 experience at a symposium he had organized at the University of Mannheim, in order to initiate a dialogue between the two camps and where he was shouted down simply.

This is also the reason why only now Grieshaber wrote his book – namely, he is retired. And the book is really worth reading – not just showing off because, as political decisions are made on the basis of half-baked or fictitious reports and studies, but also because it gives a deep insight into the workings of reputable scientists who are engaged in the field of prevention and protection measures seek to provide evidence.

Militant opponents smoke assume that each soft breath of secondhand smoke causes serious health problems already. They are calling for complete smoke-free workplace and in the pub. “Only the zero-exposure ensures health,” he quoted a scripture from the DKFZ, where it also says: “This should be achieved. No matter how cleverly ventilation system you get to the same effect. “

Strangely, the demand for total prohibition applies only to smoke. In any other hazardous materials science class works with limit values or orientation. This applies, for example, just for particulate matter in the traffic area such as flour dust in bakeries – an area where Grieshaber knows very well thanks to decades of practical experience.

Grieshaber also questioned the figures, which throw smoke opponent around. For example, claims the DKFZ, the former head Prof. Harald zur Hausen, after all, the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded in 2006’s and since then over and over again cited publication that in Germany every year more than 3000 people die from the effects of passive smoking . Prof. Katja RadonDescription: Description: from Munich said to have claimed, according to the Mannheim Symposium Grieshaber, have been demonstrated in lung cancers at a significantly higher risk than employees in the catering office workers. Be of the employees of most companies, such as smoke-filled nightclubs, bars and Einraumkneipen it to as many as 22 of 1000, the disease over the course of a forty-year career at Lungenkebs.

Unfortunate that Grieshaber knows the real numbers. According to statistics, there are no obvious BGN increased numbers of patients for lung cancer among waiters – rather the opposite: a direct comparison with dozens of other occupations are waiter even those with the lowest proportion of disease cases ever!

The woman radon and her colleagues has not prevented from issuing to the Mannheim symposium, a press release in which they are required to implement an immediate implementation of its proposals, which amount to an outright ban on smoking at work in the hospitality industry. Grieshaber quotes the press release as saying: “It is scientifically no need to conduct further studies and defer decisions to have.”

It is this unscientific (it might even call it anti-scientific) brings stubbornness, the Grieshaber on the palm. Not that he really believes to be able to change that. The anti-smoking laws in Germany and much of the world are, and no one will seriously have the political will to revoke it. What politician likes to say: “Oops, sorry – we were wrong”?

But the Professor hopes to be able to shake the conscience of his colleagues. The demand for factual accuracy of scientific results, which are the basis of laws and constitutional decisions, such as the SNB used in terms of smoker protection is an important and legitimate demand. Prevention is only possible if the true causes of disease are known. Note: Do not second-hand smoke, but bigotry threatens the health!

 Best regards

Christoph M. Suter–un-livre-le-prouve-&catid=1%3Anouvelles-quotidiennes

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