The Australian public is sceptical on plain packaging

This poll published by the Institute of Public Affairs is Australia’s premier free market think tank. Founded in 1943 it is “..dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of economic and political freedom.” Their poll published in October 2011 asked about the nanny state, plain packaging and the questions posed were:


Q1: Some people claim Australia is becoming a ‘nanny state’ where there is too much government intervention and control in people’s day to day lives. Do you agree or disagree that Australia is becoming a ‘nanny state’?

Total agree 55% Total disagree 40% Don’t know 5%
Strongly agree 29% Strongly disagree 11%
Somewhat agree 26% Somewhat disagree 29%

Q2: Thinking now about plain packaging, by that we mean the removal of brand names and logos so all products have a uniform pack design. Please say whether you believe that plain packaging will be effective or not effective in reducing consumption?

Fast food Cigarettes Alcohol
Effective 29% Effective 31% Effective 23%
Not effective 68% Not effective 66% Not effective 74%
Don’t know 3% Don’t know 3% Don’t know 3%

Seems like Professor Chapman has some work to do.

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