Now they want to ban smoking outside

My article for Breitbart London.

A ban on smoking outside may soon become a reality if the Royal Society for Public Health’s (RSPH) proposals are adopted. The areas specifically affected are outside restaurants, school gates, in parks and even in pub gardens. The RSPH cites the smoking ban from 2007 as an equivalent purpose to further “denormalise” smoking and make the habit even more inconvenient.

The RSPH report also found that 90 per cent of people believe nicotine to be harmful. Nicotine is a naturally occurring chemical which is found in most fruit and vegetables, especially aubergines. Most scientists agree that nicotine in small doses is as harmful as drinking a cup of coffee, as is electronic cigarette consumption.

The interesting fact is that the RSPH is asking for the exemption on outside bans for electronic cigarettes. Seeing electronic cigarettes as a gateway away from tobacco they want to encourage what is generally known to be “vaping”. An electronic cigarette has a battery that heats up nicotine and is diluted by propylene glycol to be drawn in through the mouth like a normal cigarette. It is estimated that there are now 2.6 million vapers in the UK. Propylene glycol is used in asthma inhalers and baby wipes and is considered entirely harmless.

You can read the rest here.

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3 Responses to Now they want to ban smoking outside

  1. Alluvia says:

    Smoke when I want wherever I want – pubs too and not one person has ratted on me yet! Take your iron fist and shove it,where the sun won’t give you Vitamin D 😂😂😂😂

  2. Cheif says:

    You fucking horrible pathetic racist scumbag

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