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The Sham Plain Packs Consultation and Andrew Black

I hope you have you have been able to catch my piece in The Commentator on minimum priced alcohol and the plain cigarette packets. If not here it is. The government is wasting our money; Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP’s … Continue reading

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The Australian public is sceptical on plain packaging

This poll published by the Institute of Public Affairs is Australia’s premier free market think tank. Founded in 1943 it is “..dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of economic and political freedom.” Their poll published in October 2011 asked … Continue reading

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Plain packaged drugs in the UK what is the prevalence?

The National Health Service (NHS) produce statistics for tobacco, alcohol and drug consumption for 11-15 years olds called “Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people in England in 2010.” The statistics are revealing. It appears that more 11-15s take … Continue reading

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JD Rockefeller’s letter on Prohibition

John D. Rockefeller Jr the wealthy industrialist, was a tee totaller who agreed with American Prohibition of alcohol. It lasted from 1919 to 1933 and was a complete disaster. Drinking increased and organised crime blossomed, in 1932 he wrote a … Continue reading

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Dr. Richard Smith a honest academic

Dr. Richard Smith is the former editor of the British Medical Journal who had the courage to publish the Enstrom/Kabat paper on passive smoking,  lung cancer and heart disease. It concluded: “The results do not support a causal relation between … Continue reading

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Drinking is the new smoking, update from Rose.

I am deeply indebted to one of my top posters Rose for more information on the demonisation of drinkers. WHO launches worldwide war on booze 14 October 2009 “HUMANITY’s relationship with alcohol has never been easy. Now it is about … Continue reading

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Class A and B drug consumption in the UK, what can the war on tobacco learn?

There is an excellent  thought provoking piece over at The Thinking Policeman’s Blog. He seems to be against any liberalisation of drugs despite being a serving officer. However one of his links is very interesting, the numbers of people who … Continue reading

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“The smoking ban has had a serious and continuing effect on trade with the very important custom of smokers much diminished, and little positive news in terms of increased non-smoker or family business.”

So said the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) in September 2008 about 12 months after the smoking ban.  I am immensely indebted to Chris Snowdon and his blog for the info. other key findings included: The proportion of smoking customers … Continue reading

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Class A Drug Prohibition and law enforcement

As taxes rise on cigarettes leading to a black market and some health officials are beginning to call for the illegalisation of tobacco what lessons can be learnt from Class A prohibtion? This paper comes from Canada and here are … Continue reading

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A review of alcohol consumption and mortality, bottoms up for me

The  Medical Journal of Australia has published a paper on alcohol consumption, cancer and heart disease. If you like a ‘grog’ as the Australians do, it makes grim reading. As reported on here by Yahoo “Forget safe drinking levels – … Continue reading

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