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Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) are proved wrong again

Five years after the smoking ban in England, the desire to reintroduce  smoking in pubs remains as high as ever. I will let the Publican’s Morning Advertiser take up the story. “An exclusive survey of the Publican’s Morning Advertiser readership … Continue reading

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Clive Bates former head of ASH on snus, hat tip Chris Snowdon

I have shamelessly cut and pasted this from Chris Snowdon’s blog, Velvet Glove, Iron Fist. Snus are tobacco and hence nicotine based pouch like a tiny tea bag which you rest between upper lip and gum.  The nicotine is then … Continue reading

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An open letter to Professor Terence Stephenson and Professor Dame Sally Davies

Dear Professor Terence Stephenson and Professor Dame  Sally Davies, Let me introduce myself, I am Chairman of Freedom2Choose a pro choice smoking organisation, funded by its members. The ‘F2C’ organization does not receive a penny directly or indirectly from tobacco companies. … Continue reading

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Where are the deaths from lung cancer from second hand smoke?

A massive hat tip to Junican for taking the trouble to read the massive McTear vs Imperial Tobacco and how the anti smokers are contradicting themselves. This is a straight cut and paste.  In their zeal to prove active smoking … Continue reading

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“The smoking ban has had a serious and continuing effect on trade with the very important custom of smokers much diminished, and little positive news in terms of increased non-smoker or family business.”

So said the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) in September 2008 about 12 months after the smoking ban.  I am immensely indebted to Chris Snowdon and his blog for the info. other key findings included: The proportion of smoking customers … Continue reading

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My appearance on CNN with Ms. Deborah Arnott of ASH.

I hope you do not think I am being narcissistic but here is my debate with Deborah Arnott of ASH.        

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Class A Drug Prohibition and law enforcement

As taxes rise on cigarettes leading to a black market and some health officials are beginning to call for the illegalisation of tobacco what lessons can be learnt from Class A prohibtion? This paper comes from Canada and here are … Continue reading

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