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The Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health (SCOTH) and the Freedom of Information Act, “Most of the studies were not felt to be sufficiently conclusive in their findings.”

The last time SCOTH was published was in November 2004 and was highly influential in bringing about the smoking ban. Hosted by the Department of Health and packed with ASH, pharmaceutically and WHO funded apparatchiks, objectivity was not the cornerstone … Continue reading

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The battle for plain packaging begins.

Sorry I have been away for a while. Anyway as the title suggests tobacco companies will come under increasing pressure by governments to rid themselves of their company trade marks and logos, to be replaced with the medical pornography of … Continue reading

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My appearance on Chinese TV.

    In May I was interviewed by CCTV the national TV station for China about their impending ┬ásmoking ban. Interesting comment from the Australian correspondent off air, that in the West we can say what you like, but in … Continue reading

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